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When to Start Your Bespoke Journey

Buying a suit, especially custom, shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you’ve reached the point where your event is coming up and you’re not sure what you’re going to wear, it may already be too late to buy a custom. That leaves you with limited off the rack options, which can be a challenge of its own.

Buying a custom or bespoke suit can certainly seem out of reach. There is no doubt, a quality made garment is going to cost more. But when we look at our wardrobes as a journey, instead of simply an excursion, we start to realize that Fast Fashion is costing us big time. Off-the-rack garments can still be incredibly designed, and offer premium features like fabric selection, style options, and somewhat exclusive designs. Still nothing quite compares to a bespoke tailored suit specifically made for you. 

Finding your local clothiers is the ideal choice when it comes time to add sustainable heirloom garments to your closest. While custom and bespoke suits come with a bit of a higher cost, your cost per wear becomes pennies on the dollar after years of loyal wear. When something is crafted with your personality and character in mind, you’ll find yourself wearing those pieces time and time again.  

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Suits are considered investment pieces. Here are a few reasons why that is. Not only that, but may help guide you to finding the perfect fit for you. 


Superior Fit

The fit of any garment is the most important part. If something isn’t quite right, not only will you find it dying in your closet, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when it does see daylight. Off-the-rack suits by nature appeal to the masses. Not only do they hope it fits you, but also two or three other people about your size. Sure alterations can be made, but when you tally the all in cost, you wind up paying the same money had you gone custom to begin with.

Off-the-rack garments are often laser cut, machine stitched, and glued together to give you a cheap option. That’s exactly what it is, cheap. When they begin to bust at the seams, show wear, or misshapen, it’s hard to be surprised based on their construction. A good clothier works with their clients to select the shapes, patterns, and drape that best suits the wearer. Years of experience and a keen eye will allow a garment to compliment the most flattering characteristics of any client.

Quality Materials Are Used

Bespoke Tailored Suits are the pinnacle of luxury and quality. For those who want to wear something that is tailored to their body, these suits are unmatched.

But what exactly is bespoke tailoring? It's a term for clothing that is custom made for the wearer. This means everything from the color, fabric, and fit of the garment can be personalized.

The fabric is of a higher quality, and the suit lasts longer. Tailored shirts are more formal than regular shirts and are worn with a tie and jacket. Formalwear is formal clothing that is worn for special occasions like weddings, proms, or other events.

Highlight Your Personal Style

Custom tailored suits are superior to off-the-rack suits because they can be made to fit the customer's personal style.

The process starts with a consultation with one of our clothiers where you'll discuss your needs, what you do for work, your social life, every occasion you may find yourself in need of a stunning custom suit. When a suit is customized to your taste, it becomes truly yours. To further set you apart from the rest, we offer inside-jacket monogramming, as well as initials on shirt pockets or cuffs.

There Is Less Time & Effort Wasted

Let's face it, it is a rare few that actually enjoy shopping. Sifting through racks, hoping to find something that not only appeals to your individual style but also fits right, then there is trying multiple garments on, dressing rooms, shopping carts, and a lot of noise.

Then if you can't find what you're looking for here, there, or anywhere it seems there is only one place to go from there. Now, at this point we hope that you will have skipped past all of that and come straight to Kalypso Couture. 

We've made it easy and fun to purchase custom clothing. And with unlimited customization options, you can ensure your suit is completely unique and perfect for you. We have streamlined the ordering, manufacturing & shipping process to exclude all unnecessary steps - saving you both time and money. Now that's well suited for business.

Your Clothes Last Longer

Our Tailors have perfected the art of handcrafted clothing. Initially taught by French and Italian Clothiers in the 1800s, they have been creating excellence ever since. We aim to provide heirloom bespoke wardrobe solutions that will give you timeless and elegant stylings to suit all of your needs. Our garments are handcrafted and made to last a lifetime.

Fast fashion has introduced massive amounts of waste and has poisoned the planet. Cost saving techniques, unsavory manufacturing conditions, and the use of plastic and glue for construction has polluted our environment and our wardrobes.

This is a new shift in the way humans have historically clothed themselves and we aim to provide an experience where you will love the clothes we design and wear them time and time again. 

Where do we go from here?

Well, that all depends on you. We invite you to let Kalypso Couture be your Guide on the Bespoke Journey. We offer a variety of consultations, wardrobe audits, made to order styles, and all inclusive experiences to offer premium service.

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