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Where to Wear a Tuxedo | Tuxedo Vs. Suit | Bespoke Basics

The suit has lasted for hundreds of years. There is always the lingering question of whether or not suits are still relevant in today's wardrobe; Chic BoHo Barn Weddings Galore, Blue Jeans and Vests, and dare I even say... Khakis take a priority in today's society. Turns out though, there are more places than you may even realize where a suit is not only acceptable but appropriate. A well crafted suit can give you access to almost any room, especially if you know wha to wear and when. You will be welcome anywhere, not just black-tie events.

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What's the Difference | Tuxedo Vs. Suit | Bespoke Basics

The word 'suit' covers formal two and three-piece styles, the key being the matching fabrics between the pieces in the ensemble. There are many types of suits. For example, 'Smart casual' and 'business casual.' These stylings are perfect for the workplace environment or even just a day on the town. Usually, it's paired with chinos or slacks and a blazer or sport coat- the differences between which we review in our Guide to Jackets!

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Guide to Bespoke Suits | Definitive Guide to Suits | Bespoke Suit Basics

First time? You may be looking at that dress code to your first formal event or perhaps a wedding, maybe you just landed an opportunity to bump shoulders with a few executives. It stands to reason that this would be the first question on your mind. The second you may wonder is, "What on earth does that dress code mean?" This would be a great time to reference our Bespoke Glossary. This will help you determine which piece is appropriate for the occasion, especially if this is not part of your daily wardrobe decisions. Still want guidance? Schedule your consultation with Kalypso Couture To quickly define a suit, the defining factor is the fabric. No matter what you a choose,...

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