Guide Through the Journey of Bespoke Tailored Suits

“Bespoke and custom-made suits are once again becoming a staple in the modern wardrobe.”

What is the difference between a bespoke suit and a made-to-measure suit? Bespoke suits are handmade from scratch, from the pattern to the fabric, whereas made-to-measure suits are made from existing patterns and may be more limited in the variety of style options.

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For the purposes of our better understanding in the sartorial world, we will focus here on this finer level of craftsmanship. As we all know, fast fashion has given us the opportunity to take advantage of a low quality, often not very eco friendly, alternative that at face value can be very attractive. Now, is there a need for accessibility in formalwear? Absolutely. It has been the goal of many artisans throughout the ages to find a way to put their craft in the hands of the people. That is what we are here for. That doesn’t always make it convenient or simple to drop thousands of dollars for what could be considered an antiquated style of dress. 

Michael Armanno Designer Bespoke Tailored Suits Kalypso Couture

The suit becomes an identity. A 21st Century suit of armor. The most important thing to remember in this endeavor, is to find the perfect fit. Practically, yes, the way a jacket drapes over the shoulder, the way it highlights your best self, but also in your personal style, the way you wear the suit, the things you do. You can easily spend thousands on the finest clothing available to you but an ill-fitting suit will never look great.

Before I introduce myself, take this one piece of information to heart, it is the Golden Rule of Dress, the fit is everything. That is where an expert in clothing can be an invaluable resource when building a wardrobe. As a bespoke clothier, I’ll take this opportunity to discuss bespoke basics. This is the information everyone should know when it comes to suits

I’m Michael Armanno, principal designer and clothier for Kalypso Couture. For nearly ten years, I have lived and breathed suits. One thing we can all agree on, in many aspects of our lives, we want quality. 

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Michael Armanno Featured in Jacksonville Voyage Magazine for Bespoke Tailored Suits by Kalypso Couture

Featured in Voyage Magazine, our Founder and Principal Designer, Michael Armanno discusses "The Secret Life of a Clothier" in the latest Daily Inspiration series.

Said to be one of the most comprehensive editorials to date, Armanno explores his journey of ten years in the world of bespoke fashion, missteps along the way, and his vision for an Artisan Creative Space building momentum in Jacksonville, Florida.

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