Finding Affordable Designer Clothing with Good Cost per Wear Value

What is a person getting into financially when they buy a custom suit? Is it truly a leap of faith? Is it a custom suit an “investment” or do sartorial suit buyers know that sometimes “quality” can sometimes break the bank? The greatest clothiers in the world charge a flat fee of $3,800 just to start building your suit.

When you consider the cost per wear for designer heirloom garments, you start to realize that finding the perfect fit leads to more affordable clothing in the long run. So, what is in the pricing of a custom suit?

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Lately, more professionals are beginning to enter into businesses that no longer require professional dress. Though, there has been an uprising in formal wear because the suit is no longer a uniform, but an expression of self, confidence, and timeless elegance. Unfortunately, most working class people do not have a lot of money to be spending on their work suits, which is why many will turn to buying off the rack instead. 

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Affordable Designer Clothing Brands That Offer the Best Cost Per Wear

What is a young person entering into the professional world to do when suits are so expensive? The first thing to do is find the clothier that is right for you. You will find suits around every corner promising breathability, flexibility, smart fabrics, and innovative technology for moisture wicking, finding the perfect cut, even down to using your webcam to collect data on your body measurement to create custom clothing. 

How is it that nameless instagram brands, facebook ads, and less than credible websites can offer such an amazing product at such a low cost? When the alternative is a multi thousand dollar bespoke suit, it seems like a no brainer to buy custom online, right?

What Brands have the best cost per wear? Which companies offer the best value in affordable clothing? 

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How to find a Designer Brand You Love That Fits Your Lifestyle and Budget

If you are looking for clothes that fit your style and your budget, you have two very solid options. The first is finding a clothier to help guide you through the experience of bespoke handcrafted clothing. My mission to design timeless, elegant, heirloom clothing led me to bespoke handcrafted suits. There is no argument against the simple fact that higher quality craftsmanship leads to a sustainable future in the fashion industry. The wonderful thing about these brands is that they make clothing exactly the way you want them, with specific details like unique fabrics and colors that you won’t find off the rack. 


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Where You Can Find Affordable Designer Clothes by Searching Online

The second option of finding affordable designer clothing is by knowing the right lingo. The first thing to know is that everything off the rack, off the rail, or off the peg, is plastic. Unless the price tag seems to have a few too many zeros, which in that case is likely overpriced anyway, it is almost always going to be made of rayon, polyester, and plastic. 

That tells you right away, you’re looking at a piece that was a product of Fast Fashion. Which is another term or phrase you may hear thrown out quite a bit, and usually in a negative context. 

Slow Fashion is the talk of the town. When it comes to sustainability and heirloom garments, clothing that is timeless, elegant, and fits perfectly, it just doesn’t get made fast in any way. Craftsmanship takes time. Quality takes time. 

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How to Get Affordable Clothing by Shopping Online

What is the secret to creating the perfect wardrobe? Turns out, there is no secret at all. The knowledge and experience of dressing yourself, understanding how your clothing is made, finding the perfect style, can’t be read in a blog, or discovered in a tik tok video. Style is a journey. One that we go on together, with our family and friends, and with ourselves to better get to know oneself. 

As a clothier myself, I am on a daily journey of knowing, seeing, feeling, and understanding what it means to be cut from the cloth. Discovering bespoke fashion, and inspiration along the way. You can see more of my journey by subscribing to Bespoke Jax. Connecting with my community and designing unique one of a kind suits is what I’m passionate about. I hope that my brand Kalypso Couture can inspire confidence and self worth in all my clients. Looking for a reason to dress up? Our social club Twenty Knots meets through each month to enjoy the finer things in life as we explore our community along the way. 

Want to learn more bespoke lingo? Check out our Bespoke Glossary Series (Coming Soon) for more sartorial tidbits and terminology.

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