The Definitive Guide to Alteration and Repair Tailoring in Jacksonville, Florida

The Definitive Guide to Alteration and Repair Tailoring in Jacksonville, Florida

Written by Kalypso Couture: Jacksonville's Premier Bespoke Clothiers

When it comes to bespoke clothing, Kalypso Couture leads the pack with its award-winning handcrafted garments. But while we specialize in creating bespoke heirloom garments from scratch, we recognize the importance of skilled alterations and repairs. That's why we've put together this definitive guide, showcasing the best in the business across Jacksonville and the First Coast.

For those in search of quality alteration and repair services, look no further. Here’s a comprehensive list of trusted businesses, organized by the area of town.


  1. Alterations By Dorothy & Ewa

    • Address: 4809 San Juan Ave
    • Phone: 904-414-9247
  2. Ngo Michelle

    • 4152 Herschel Street
    • Phone:904-384-9352
  3. Momni Boutique & Alterations

    • Address: 1132 Edgewood Ave South
    • Phone: 904-438-5533
  4. Tippi Alterations & Shoe Repair

    • Address: 1555 Normandy Plaza
    • Phone: 904-781-6145
  5. Mary's Alterations

    • Address: 1132 Edgewood Ave South
    • Phone: 904-516-7111
  6. Edgewood Shoe Repair & Alterations

    • Address: 1022 Edgewood South
    • Phone: 904-389-6211

    Downtown Jacksonville:

    1. Professional Tailoring and Alterations
      • Address: 43 W Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
      • Phone: 904-358-9540

    Gus & Co Shoe & Luggage Repair
    Honorable mention here one of the only Shoe and Luggage Repair in Jacksonville. Support them at all costs.

    Downtown: 228 W Adams Street

    Phone: 904-354-9770

    Orange Park: 1871 Wells Road STE 16


    1. Young's Alterations

      • Address: 6855 St. Augustine Road
      • Phone: 904-737-6632
    2. San Jose Alterations
    • Address: 3715 San Jose Pl # 4
    • Phone: 904-268-9348

      3. Deerwood Tailoring
    • Address: 9924 Baymeadows Road
    • Phone: 904-642-3737

      East Jacksonville:

      1. Joe's Tailor
        • Address: 3546 St Johns Bluff Road S Unit 111
        • Phone: 904-409-0004


      1. Sew True Alterations

        • Address: 929 3rd Street North
        • Phone: 904-885-2442
      2. Rudas Alterations
      • Address: 1491 Atlantic Blvd
      • Phone: 904246-1250

        There you have it - the ultimate list for tailoring and alterations in Jacksonville. Each of these businesses comes highly recommended, so you can trust in the quality of their services. Remember, while Kalypso Couture might be your go-to for bespoke clothing, these businesses are there for all your alteration and repair needs.

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        This list was last updated on February 5th, 2024. Businesses might have relocated, changed numbers or closed since the date of this publication. Always call ahead to confirm details.

        Note: For real-time information or updates, please contact the businesses directly or check their official websites. This list is based on information provided, and there might be more businesses in the area that are not listed here.

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