Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replicate styles seen in the wild?

Our full custom services offer a variety of styles to choose from. We absolutely do our best to take inspiration from a variety of fashionable options to provide you the perfect look. Our tailors are experts in their craft and we aim to provide a high quality product designed to your taste in style.

How often do you get new fabric selections?

Our Master Tailor and Principal Designer visit markets twice a year in search of the latest styles and fabric selections from France and Italy. We purchase our fabrics in bulk to pass our savings along to our customers. Our selection changes often though we always provide the classic colors for every wardrobe. Schedule a consultation today to see the latest style and fabric options from Kalypso Couture.

Do I have to visit the store for a consultation?

While we love having our clients in store for the full experience, we do offer In Home and In Office Consultations where our Stylist visit with a selection of fabrics and custom options to create the perfect fit for any occasion.

How often do I have to get measured for future orders?

We keep our measurements on file for our clients so that you may order custom suits any time! If you feel your last purchase with us had the perfect fit and don't need any adjustments, we can place orders whenever you'd like. If you'd like to make some adjustments to your fit, we can meet with you for a full consultation to make any necessary adjustments of your profile.

What is Kalypso Couture's Guarantee or Return Policy?

Kalypso Couture specializes in finding the perfect fit for any occasion. Our custom suiting options are typically delivered within 6 weeks of your order date. Due to the nature of custom clothing, we do not offer any returns, exchanges, or refunds. If you feel your custom order isn't to your satisfaction, we will alter or fix the garment to ensure you are completely satisfied.


Are you able to replicate the fit of my favorite garments?

Not only can we replicate your fit, we encourage you to wear your best fitting suit to our consultations so we have an opportunity to get to know your style and fit preferences.

What does a Custom Suit or Shirt Cost?

Custom handcrafted suits range from $699 - $2500 depending on the construction and craftsmanship of the garment. We do not charge extra for fabric or custom style options. Custom shirts cost $130 and with the purchase of three or more custom shirts, you will receive a 15% discount!

When can I expect my Custom Handcrafted Suit once I place an order?

We want to ensure we offer the best craftsmanship possible, with that in mind our custom handcrafted suits are often received within 6-8 weeks upon order.

What if my weight fluxuates, am I able to alter my custom suit?

Our tailors leave a comfortable seam allowance for future alterations and it is often simple to make adjustments for clients who may experience weight fluxuations. Most clients may find changes in the stomach or waist which often does not change the form of the garment once alterations have been made.

Where will my clothes be made?

Our fabric selection is sourced from French and Italian Markets twice a year. Our custom suits and shirts are made by hand by our expert tailors. Our tailors have been handcrafting clothing for 8 Generations. We have one of the largest fashion houses in the Fashion District of Hanoi, Vietnam. Working directly with our tailors allows us to cut out the middlemen and offer a high quality outfit while passing our savings on to our clients.