Sustainability in Formalwear: Earth Day 2021


Summer is on our calendar as a busy Wedding Season. Traditionally in the Fall, many weddings start planning in the early summer. 

Considering formal wear, suits and tailoring, many styles cross over into the workplace and what was once the uniform in the professional world, the suit has become something of a passion instead for many. I have spent over 10 years being photographed in suits, between modeling, my own designs, weddings and events, I consider a bespoke suit a responsible choice with vast options for any occasion. Though through the years, I have found a hole in menswear when it comes to eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable formal wear choices.

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Designer Inspired

But first — a little background story on my love affair with suits. At the age of 14 or so, my eldest brother was planning for a wedding. Now being an awkward teen with some growing yet to do, our suit selection was far from the norm now. A Black Pinstripe Suit was the selection for a big Italian wedding. It was ultimately this bad magician’s outfit that inspired my future love of suits, because I was definitely two decades out of date and at least four sizes too small for this suit. 


Handcrafted Custom Suits - Heirloom Garment


As far as vintage shopping goes, you can’t beat a trip down memory lane strolling through the shops with a keen eye for a quality heirloom suit forgotten by its previous wearer. A few things to look out for, the lack of tags. Many vintage and bespoke garments don't have tags, rare a brand or label. This is often the sign of quality, though not the only thing to consider. 

Premier Tuxedo and Suit Rentals


Fast Fashion has brought us to a point in fashion where we no longer embrace longevity and sustainability. We often opt for more affordable styles, though we sacrifice in quality often times for a trendy look. Clothing exchanges and renting are slowly gaining traction for those special occasions and becoming more commonplace. 

With the murky reputation of rentals, it takes a passion for finding a premium quality that will withstand the model. Renting a premier tuxedo or suit can be a sustainable and cost-effective option for those more formal one-off functions.


Bespoke Handcrafted Suits


When it comes to longevity, a 100% Wool suit is a traditional natural biodegradable material and its ecological benefits can offer a heirloom garment, quality enough to last generations.

On the surface this may seem like an indulgence, but really an investment piece like this should last a lifetime, and at the end of its life it will naturally and rapidly biodegrade in the ground or water with no microfiber issues. These days, getting a suit made is not as prohibitively expensive as it once was and the choice of fabric and style is vast.

Discuss the fabric with our tailor as you would the cut and design, really take ownership of your suit… Oh, and if you’re thinking, “wool? But it’s too hot for summer,” actually wool can be woven less densely than, say, cotton, and still look great. We help you find a fabric that’s very thin, very breathable, and still presentable. This means comfort, and for us that is crucial. Beyond that, it’s easier to wear wool in the summer, as it doesn’t hold wrinkles like cotton or linen. 


At Kalypso Couture our purpose is to bring you the most modern, luxurious, and sustainable clothing we can. Not only are our suits made with 100% wool, but our linings are 100% silk which is a moisture wicking and breathable fabric, soft and light to the tough. Our premium bespoke shirts are 100% Cotton and handcrafted to each client.

When it comes to ethical suiting for men, there is a real gap in the market which I hope Kalypso Couture fills quickly. If you’re going to spend money on a suit, then I think it should be an investment piece tailored to fit, and built to last a lifetime — our tailor should be able to advise which options they recommend for your budget. Otherwise our stylists can help you put together the perfect look through our personal shopping services. Our stylists are willing to use their expertise in finding the perfect fit for any occasion.


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