How The Bespoke Suit Experience Is Different from Off-the-Rack Suit Buying

What is a Bespoke Suit Experience?

The bespoke custom suit experience is the ultimate way to get a suit tailored to your exact size and preferences. It is often considered luxurious, but it's also more expensive than buying a prefabricated suit off the rack.

In our article, “Finding Affordable Designer Clothing with Good Cost per Wear Value” we explore the costs associated with suit buying and why it seems like such a wide gap between $69 Suits you see scrolling online and the glamorous Hollywood experience of handcrafting a bespoke suit that is seemingly unattainable. 

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Different people have different preferences when it comes to suits. Some people want their suit to fit them perfectly, while other people are fine with getting a suit that fits them well enough. On top of that there are a variety of differences in sizing, quality, and cost between brands. Which is best for you? The affordable offerings at your local box store, or should you invest in the custom suit?

The Difference Between Bespoke vs. Off-the-Rack Suits

If you ever manage to find a suit off-the-rack that fits like a glove, you've just encountered a miracle. Big name manufacturers churn out suits that fit a select few body types, and most men have to pay even more money to have a tailor make alterations while they're still coping with a $4-5 thousand price tag for luxury labels in retail stores. But why waste time and money when you can purchase a suit that meets your exact vision without sacrificing fit or style? Even if you do strike gold and find a perfect fit off the rack, chances are there will be one or two things that don't quite suit your taste. That will give you pause every time you open your wardrobe to consider putting on that suit.

Hundreds of Fabrics to Choose from sourced from the finest mills in Italy and France

The Benefits of Buying a Bespoke Custom Suit

Good news if you’re picky. Let's say you meet your perfect match on the rack, but there are one or two things that turn you off. What if you don't like the color or style of the buttons? Or the way the lapel lies? If you have more major stylistic qualms, chances are you won't have the stomach to gut out your new Gucci suit. But why settle for something less than perfect when you can decide every aspect of your new suit before it's even crafted?

When you have a bespoke suit made from scratch, you can not only choose the exact fabric that you want (which is a major determinant of price with major brands), but you can customize everything to your exact specifications. Pick your vents, your cuffs, your buttons... Whatever it takes to make your custom made suit uniquely yours.

Kalypso Couture Bespoke Custom Tailored Suits

Why You Should Turn to Kalypso Couture for Your Next Suit Purchase

When you meet with one of our clothiers, we help guide you through the bespoke suit experience. Our style guide has a variety of styles and options. As you select from over hundreds of super 120s to super 180s wool fabrics, we’ll begin taking your preferences into consideration and our eighth generation master tailor will begin drafting a fresh pattern to craft your perfectly styled suit. This is simply not the case with off-the-rack suits.

While designer suits off the rack have their prestige, at the end of the day you’re paying more for a label than the quality of craftsmanship that comes with years of experience and dedication to the craft. 

As a clothier myself, I am on a daily journey of knowing, seeing, feeling, and understanding what it means to be cut from the cloth. Discovering bespoke fashion, and inspiration along the way. You can see more of my journey by subscribing to Bespoke Jax. Connecting with my community and designing unique one of a kind suits is what I’m passionate about. I hope that my brand Kalypso Couture can inspire confidence and self worth in all my clients. Looking for a reason to dress up? Our social club Twenty Knots meets through each month to enjoy the finer things in life as we explore our community along the way.

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