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Explore the world of Michael Armanno, the Principal Designer of Kalypso Couture and a founding member of Bespoke House. Known as "Drip Broker," Michael brings his talent and creativity to deliver unique and stylish designs that embody his clients' individuality. With a commitment to artisan craftsmanship and innovation, he has established himself as a leading figure in the fashion industry. Discover his work, services, and collaborations below.

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Bespoke Tailored Suits: Meticulously crafted suits, blazers, and vests tailored perfectly for your physique. Experience the fusion of new world 3D body scanning technology and old world artisan craftsmanship. Visit Website

At Kalypso Couture, we believe that suits should be just like the people who wear them – completely unique, not generic or mass-produced. Our custom tailored suits are expertly hand-cut to your exact dimensions, so you can look great whatever your body type.

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Handcrafted Bespoke Shoes: Step forth in handcrafted bespoke shoes that embody the mythos of the goddess. Discover the synergy of new world 3D shoe design technology and old world artisan craftsmanship. Visit Website.



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Artisan Community: Join Bespoke House, a vibrant community of like-minded creators and artists. Experience spontaneous collaboration, ground-breaking innovation, and a greater purpose beyond profit. Visit Website

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