Eight Generations: The Tale of the Tien Son Family of Tailors

Just as you wouldn't go into battle without armor, you shouldn't expect to go very far in the world of business without a suit. Even while casual attire is making its way into the workplace, professional attire still has a very prominent role in the business world, and can make all the difference in an interview or an encounter with your boss.

Old World Craftsmanship - New World Design

Eight Generations of Bespoke Handcrafted Tailoring

However, while conforming to professional standards of dress is important, it can be hard to stand out in a sea of off-the-rack suits. Not to mention finding a suit at the department store that fits and agrees with your personal style is rarely a possibility. This is why Kalypso Couture works so closely with our family of tailors. It allows us to craft perfect garments for our clients. Our passion is to help people dress in stylish, elegant, entirely customized, perfectly-tailored suits, within an affordable price range. A Kalypso Couture can be the factor that sets you apart from other job applicants or coworkers.

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The Tien Son Family

Flourishing for seven generations, Tien Son is a family owned, fully custom-tailored men’s clothing business. Over the years, Tien Son has evolved from a small tailor shop located in a quaint Vietnamese village into a large, respected, and well-known business in the capital city of Vietnam. Tien Son has specifically catered to the professional wardrobe and has become the trusted name in men’s clothing to business executives around the world. In order to provide the perfect fit for every product we make, the Tien Son Family of Tailors maintains the traditional way of making clothing; by utilizing our bespoke tailor, we maintain the integrity of a 100% handmade process. Kalypso Couture has brought the Old World Craftsmanship to the United States and has been growing their brand since 2015.

How Our Handmade Process Works

Our custom suits are of the highest quality in the handmade clothing industry. Our tailoring skills and methods have been passed down through the generations, and our employees are carefully handpicked after a seven year training process. Every step of the suit's construction is handmade, and we guarantee a perfect fit.

Michael Armanno, Lan Do, and Cody Land presenting Calvin Klein a handcrafted silk tie



Michael Armanno (Former Founder, Creative Director of Tien Son Americas Division), Lan Do (Eighth Generation Master Tailor), and Cody Land (President of Tien Son Americas Division) present a two-of-a-kind handcrafted silk tie to Calvin Klein


To begin the process, a client would schedule a consultation with our principal designer or one of our experienced stylist. Next, clients can choose from hundreds of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy and France. We also craft some of our own designs and patterns for our English and Italian knit fabric, and we make a limited amount of each pattern for added uniqueness.

After selecting the fabric, customers can customize just about every aspect of the suit, including lapels, vents, collar, pleats, cuffs, and buttons. Personal monogramming of up to 40 characters can also be added inside the suit jacket, and initials can be embroidered on the cuff or pocket of shirts. Every customization option is complimentary. Finally, our master tailor inspects every suit before it leaves our office to ensure perfection. When the suit is ready, it is shipped directly to your doorstep at no cost to you or you'll be met in home or office for a personal delivery.

The beauty of a Kalypso Couture Bespoke Suit is that we do not use any manufacturing or processing to craft our heirloom garments. While other companies make use of assembly lines to cut down on costs, sheering extra fabrics, glueing interior structures, laser cutting and machine stitching, the Tien Son Family and Kalypso Couture are on a mission to provide unparalleled quality. Once your pattern is crafted and a tailor is assigned to craft your garment, the saame tailor will craft every suit going forward. They learn the contours and curves or your unique physique and will replicate the perfect fit every time. 



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