Whatever the Weather: Summer Suiting with Kalypso Couture

You might be a little damp under the arms at the very thought of wearing a suit in the midst of summer, especially if you've ever had a taste of the scorching sun here in the Florida. It seems cruel and unusual, but some men have no other choice. Believe it or not, though, a suit doesn't have to be an instrument of torture in the hottest months of the year. In fact, summer suits can be quite cool, both literally and figuratively. 
bespoke handcrafted custom tailored summer suit
"Is he some kind of beach angel? Oh wait, he's just a temp."
Color Definitely Counts
Unless you're at a Colonel Sanders costume contest, you may want to steer clear of white and go for something more practical and substantial, like camel, khaki, stone, or pale blue. If you aren't already picturing yourself walking along a coastline in Bermuda with the sun at your back and a cigar in your hand, you aren't properly considering just how awesome you can look in these colors. With the right shirt, tie, and maybe some shades, you can pull off a look that's both comfortable and effortlessly cool.
Keep it Light
A fabric with an open, breathable weave is key, such as linen, seersucker, or fresco wool. It's also essential to minimize padding or lining, and if you can get away with minimal construction, it's possible to go entirely without. As a plus, this minimalism typically results in the price tags on summer suits being much smaller than typical suits worn in the cooler seasons. What other reason do you need to give this look a try?
Take it Slow
You might want to practice dealing with the heat in a lightweight blazer before going whole hog. Even the most lightweight suit takes a certain amount of daring and self-assurance to pull off when people around you are opting for open-toed shoes. But in the end, that's exactly what this look is about - successfully pulling off something that most men wouldn't even consider out of fear of failure.
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