We design clothes for people.

The suit, once a daily uniform, has evolved a great deal since the early 1800s. When our family of tailors learned their expertise in crafting brilliant bespoke suits, they passed on a tradition of finding the perfect fit for each person they worked with.
Bespoke Handcrafted Custom Tailored Suits for people
The whole nine yards it takes to craft a bespoke suit, is cut of the same cloth, and tailored to perfection for one unique individual. It is easy to settle for standard. Human beings are far from standard.
Today, Kalypso Couture is proud to design bespoke handcrafted suits for people. It is something we are incredibly passionate about. We challenge ourselves to provide a service fitting for each person willing to proudly wear our name, it is as much yours at it is ours, Kalypso Couture.

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