Kalypso Couture Designer Michael Armanno Featured on The Contrast Project

 The Contrast Project Host sits down with Kalypso Couture Principal Designer Michael Armanno to discuss community, starting a business in Jacksonville, and where the Fashion House goes from here. 



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For nearly a decade, Michael Armanno, Haberdasher, Entrepreneur and owner of Kalypso Couture has lived and breathed suits, working as a living model in his 21st century suits of armor. Founded in 2015, Kalypso Couture was a brand with a mission: to create timeless clothing with a multi-generational appeal. Their bespoke suits, blazers, and vests are meticulously made to the highest standards. Their designs are tailored perfectly for the clients physique and will fit any lifestyle. Armanno designs alongside the Tien Son family’s eighth generation master tailor, Lan Do. The Tien Son family has been handcrafting suits the same way the French initially taught their tailors in the 1800s. Together we ensure you're always prepared with a wardrobe that's versatile, timeless, and elegant. Suiting fabrics have been pre-shrunk by hand to provide unmatched softness and comfort.

Once you put on a Kalypso Couture suit for the first time, the difference is noticed immediately. The suit becomes a second skin and lies on the shoulders perfectly while following the natural contours of the body. Every Kalypso Couture suit is hand-pressed and hand-stitched before delivery and ready to wear. All of these details create a European suit made for an American that looks and feels superior. This quality is evident in the way the suit feels on your shoulders, along your arms, and at your fingertips.

Armanno offers complimentary consultation for bespoke tailored suits, and offers formal and professional wardrobes for everyone.

For more information visit www.KalypsoCouture.com or email Info@KiWares.com

Michael Armanno

Principal Designer

Kalypso Couture

Contact Kalypso Couture online: https://www.kalypsocouture.com/ https://www.facebook.com/KalypsoCouture

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