Kalypso Couture and Bespoke House in the Spotlight of Jacksonville's Fashion and Art Scene

As the Principal Designer of Kalypso Couture and a founding member of Bespoke House, I, Michael Armanno, stand at the intersection of Jacksonville’s rich fashion history and its vibrant creative future. Being nominated for the Best of Jax by Folio Weekly for the third consecutive year not only honors Kalypso Couture but also connects us to the legacy of Jacksonville’s fashion icons.

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🌟 Jacksonville’s Fashion Icons

Rose’s Shoes: Known for its exotic and unique footwear, Rose’s Shoes was a downtown legend under the ownership of Joseph J. LaRose, serving celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

Rosenblum Clothiers: Established in 1898, Rosenblum Clothiers has been a cornerstone in Jacksonville’s fashion, known for high-fashion brands and exceptional customer service.

French Novelty: Since 1911, French Novelty has been a go-to destination for formal wear, offering top dress designers and high-quality service.

These iconic establishments have laid the foundations for fashion in Jacksonville, each contributing a unique thread to the city’s rich tapestry.

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Kalypso Couture’s Nomination: Carrying the Torch Forward

Our nomination is not just a recognition of our work; it’s a continuation of a legacy. Winning the ‘Best Dressed’ title and the ‘Threepeat’ for Best Tailor would symbolize the blend of tradition and innovation that we embody at Kalypso Couture.

Jacksonville has long been a hub for fashion and artistic brilliance, evident in icons like Rose's Shoes, Rosenblum Clothiers, and French Novelty. These institutions have not only set standards in fashion but also inspired generations, including myself, to pursue excellence in our crafts.

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🏆 Bespoke House: A Collective of Talent

As a founding member of Bespoke House, I am proud to see our community’s diverse talents being recognized. From skateboarders to authors, our collective represents the evolving face of Jacksonville’s creative spirit.

It's with immense pride that I announce our nominations for this year’s Best of Jax awards:

- **Best Skateboarder**: Julian Etheridge
- **Best Local Weirdo**: Amber Lee
- **Best Local Author**: Woo Etheridge
- **Best Art Gallery & Gift Shop**: Bespoke House
- **Best LGBTQIA+ Activist**: Queer Trans Project
- **Best Tailor**: Kalypso Couture
- **Best Dressed**: Michael Armanno
- **Best Wedding Planner**: Sweetest Day Events

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These nominations are a testament to the diverse and rich culture that Bespoke House nurtures, encompassing everything from fashion to literature and activism.

🔥 Kalypso Couture: Synonymous with Elegance

As Kalypso Couture is nominated for 'Best Tailor' and I for 'Best Dressed', it's clear that our commitment to sustainable, heirloom-quality suits and innovative design has resonated within our community. This honor is a reflection of our dedication to maintaining the legacy of Jacksonville's fashion forebears while innovating for the future.

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🤝 Join Us in Celebrating Artistry

Your support and votes for Kalypso Couture and the Bespoke House members are not just acknowledgments of individual talents; they are endorsements of Jacksonville's flourishing artistic community. Each vote strengthens our city’s reputation as a haven for creativity and style.

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Let's continue to honor the past, celebrate the present, and shape the future of Jacksonville’s fashion and art scene together.

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