Groomsmen Conundrum: Custom Tailored Wedding Suit / Tux or Wedding Tuxedo Rental?

So you're getting married. Congratulations. Now, just like every man before, you are faced with the conundrum of should I purchase a custom suit for my wedding or should I just go with a rental tuxedo?

In an effort to make your decision easier, we at Kalypso Couture have composed this letter to grooms. Enjoy.

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Groomsmen Conundrum: Custom Tailored Wedding Suit / Tux or Wedding Tuxedo Rental?

Dear fiancés,

No one needs to tell you that your wedding day is going to be special. While you probably didn’t dress up and pretend to be a groom as a kid, or start planning your wedding from the moment of your first crush, you eventually had to realize that it means something to say “I do". What you may not have realized is how all-consuming and monumental this occasion will be for your bride. And I’m not just talking about the day of the wedding. Did you know that the rule of thumb for planning a wedding is to start six to twelve months beforehand? And even after the ceremony and the reception, there are the photos that will be shared with friends and family and will be with you for a lifetime. So, by the time you show up at the altar, your bride will have already spent a year dealing with reservation mix-ups, sorting out bridesmaid drama, and decorating to the brink of mental collapse.

Think of this before you rent a tuxedo that was originally made for a factory mannequin and has since been worn by countless other men. Look at your bride-to-be’s face, sense her secret anguish, and do her a favor by showing up every bit as meticulously polished as she will. She will spend hours to days trying on wedding dresses until she comes down with a documented condition known as “gown confusion” simply trying to find the dress that will make your jaw drop. Show her that you appreciate her dreaming and planning by creating a wedding suit that’s custom tailored to your body and your tastes. Design everything from the lapel, vent, and pocket styles, to the fabric and thread used. Your bride would undoubtedly do the same if she could get a custom wedding dress for a price anywhere near as affordable as that of a custom suit, and she would only get to wear her dress once.

Where can I get a suit or tuxedo made just for me, you ask? The answer is Kalypso Couture. Visit our website or give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our stylists and to learn more about the difference of custom tailored. You can trust Kalypso Couture with your most special of days. Our tailors have been making men look (almost) as good as their brides since 1891.

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