TrueToForm Fit Presale
TrueToForm Fit Presale
TrueToForm Fit Presale
TrueToForm Fit Presale
TrueToForm Fit Presale
TrueToForm Fit Presale

TrueToForm Fit Presale

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At Kalypso Couture, we believe that suits should be just like the people who wear them – completely unique, not generic or mass-produced. Our custom tailored suits are expertly hand-cut to your exact dimensions, so you can look great whatever your body type.

That is why Kalypso Couture is partnering with Chicago-based app TrueToForm to bring 3D body scanning to our made-to-measure clients. TrueToForm is an iPhone app that allows you to submit your measurements easily, without having to go to a fitting with us in Jacksonville or a local tailor. This allows us to create made-to-measure garments for clients anywhere in the US. The app is a quick & easy to way to provide accurate measurements for us so we can adapt our designs for your specific body. 

We have been handcrafting suits the same way the French initially taught our tailors in the 1800s. Shoulder sleeves are cut with a gentle forward curve to conform to the natural curve of your shoulders, while the sleeves echo the bend of your arm. Our master tailors hand-fit the shoulder pad to the armhole to ensure a perfect shape. Canvas Construction makes the suit soft, supple, and sculpted for a long life of supreme performance; just place the suit on a hanger and wrinkles will disappear.

Benefits of Submitting A TrueToForm Body Scan With Your Kalypso Made-To-Measure Order

  • You will receive a garment that you know will fit
  • You can measure yourself from home
  • You will feel confident knowing you’re wearing something made just for you
  • You won’t have to worry about alterations or having to return sizes that don’t fit
  • You don’t have to worry about your size being sold out online, because you can get whatever Kalypso style you like made in your size on demand
  • You are supporting two businesses (Kalypso Couture & TrueToForm) that are working to bring sustainable practices to apparel production.
  • Help to reduce waste in the fashion industry by showing your support for on-demand production, ensuring every garment has a home.

Our elegant suiting fabrics have been pre-shrunk by hand to provide unmatched softness and comfort. Once you put on a Kalypso Couture suit for the first time, the difference is noticed immediately. The suit becomes a second skin and lies on your shoulders perfectly while following the natural contours of your body.

Every Kalypso Couture suit is comes with a complimentary call or virtual consultation to consult on your unique styling choices.



Custom Suits take 4-6 weeks for delivery upon order. Please ensure we have your event date.