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Elegant Gowns and Dresses

Red carpet, balls, black-tie dinners, interviews, cocktails, pageants, office parties, first dates, galas, weddings, and proms are all events that require different dress styles. Some dresses are only suitable for very formal occasions, while others will work in a variety of settings.

In every case, it’s best to have a few staples in your closet that you can wear on more than one occasion. For example, you can wear a long black dress or a flashy red ball gown to a formal wedding, but of these two, only the former can be worn more than once.

Evening dresses run the gamut of haute couture to elegant and ready-to-wear styles. Of course, your choice depends not only on the occasion, but also your comfort and personal preference.

At Kalypso Couture we specialize in finding the perfect fit for any occasion.